From Farmers to Fishers: A Historical of Fishing Community in Yogyakarta

Abstarct of a paper with title “Dari Petani Menjadi Nelayan: Kajian Historis Perikanan Tangkap Pantai Selatan Yogyakarta” (Suadi, 2002. From Farmers Become Fishers: A Historical Study of Fishing Activities at Yogyakarta’s south coast. GMU Journal of Fisheries Science IV(1): 05-12)

The aims of this research were to understand the history of fisheries activity and its contribution to coastal community at South Coastal of Yogyakarta Special Region. To examine these issues the research was combined survey and descriptive analytic methods. Fisheries in area could be categorized as new activity and historically community does not have a high dependency on marine capture fisheries. Fisher was a farmer who becomes a fisher cause of several reasons such as limitation of land and lack of other job opportunity. Since the activity develops in the end of 1970’s at Baron, marine capture fisheries have altered income sources, increase community houses, and attracted young people as well as provide productivity activity for rural women. In the recent time, marine capture fishery has dispersed to all of Yogyakarta South Coastal at 19 fish-landing place with vary intensity of resources exploitation. Marine capture fisheries are still limited in the coastal zone. Although CPUE tend to increase, the activity should be extended to province management zone and ZEEI. The integrated policy and management are needed to solve these problems and to avoid the tragedy of the commons.

Key word: Historical, Marine Capture Fisheries, and South Coastal of Yogyakarta

(Picture: The time to water the mellon. Fisher in Kulon Progo Regency when they could not effort to catch fish because of the high wave and wind speed particularly between July-August)

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