Prevention and Controlling of Invasive Alien Species in Indonesia

This paper was published as Untung, K., S. Nugroho, Suputa, Suadi, Triharjoko. 2001. Prevention and Controlling of Invasive Alien Species in Indonesia. Academic Paper Prepared for Regulation Policy of Invasive Alien Species in Indonesia. State Ministry of Environment Affairs and Faculty of Agriculture Gadjah Mada University. (In Indonesian Language)


Indonesia is famed for its megabiodiversity. It is predicted 25% world biodiversity disperse in thousand of Indonesian Islands. The increasing of human pressure on resources has threatened biodiversity. The alteration and degradation of habitat, waste disposal, deforestation, intensive exploitation, and the existing of invasive alien species are some of problems identified. Based on field observation and literature review the rapid increasing of species introduction through trading, aquaculture, and other activities have given impact to biodiversity in some cases. The impact may run in two ways i.e. ecological effect and economic. For aquatic ecosystem, especially freshwater, the ecological effect is depicted in type of hybridization, domination, predatory, and competition as well as alteration of natural features of habitat. The effort through regulation of introduced alien species should be promoted to avoid the further long-term damaged effect of the introduced species to biodiversity and habitat.

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